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Speaker: Shaikh Abdul Bary Yahya

As a Muslim, someone who has professed his submission to Allah (swt), he is the happiest person in the world. And as a Muslim, if we want to be consistent in doing good deeds and staying away from that which is prohibited, we Muslims have must have the right mindset.

Having the right mindset is one of the most important things that a Muslim should have.

It’s only when a Muslim has a mindset of hope in Allah (swt) that the person can go through any calamities that can befall him.

It is only when a Muslim has a mindset of repentance that the person can be guilty of his crimes and sins and then ask for forgiveness thereafter.

These important setups of the mind that a Muslim must have will be discussed and explained by Shaikh Abdul Bary Yahya in this series, ‘Mind setup of Muslims’.

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