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Duration: 30 min

Episodes per week: 1

Day(s): Sun

20:00 - 20:00 (SA)
22:30 - 22:30 (IN)

Speaker: Dr Hussein Hamid Hassan

Can Islamic banks generate the same returns as conventional banks without dealing in interest?

Is it possible to take a loan from an Islamic bank only on the basis of professional skills?

Is Islamic Banking system the solution to the recent Economic Meltdown due to the Interest based system?

To get answers to these and more perplexing issues… Watch Dr Hussein Hamid Hassan in “Markets Change, Principles Don’t” while he discusses various benefits and advantages of the ‘Islamic Financial Banking Systems’ like Musharakah (Partnership), Mudarabah (Profit and Loss Sharing), As Salam (the Forward Sale), Ijaarah (Leasing) and many others.

Dr. Hussein Hamid Hassan is considered the ‘father of Islamic Finance’. He chairs the Sharia boards of at least 15 Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions. Dr. Hassan is a pioneer in helping to transform Conventional Banks to Sharia-Compliant Banks.

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